Celebrating Diversity Month

Here at the T. Howard Foundation, we celebrate diversity every day…because it’s our mission. However, I believe that most of us celebrate diversity without even realizing it. That’s because diversity is woven into our everyday lives.

When we watch a movie, go to a restaurant (or order takeout), or travel (when we’re able), we are exposing ourselves to an array of multicultural experiences. We can choose to order Mexican, Italian, Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Caribbean, and countless other ethnic foods. We can listen to music in different languages. We can virtually visit all parts of the world through film and television and visit in person when the world opens back up.

We would be truly upset, if not outraged, if these choices were suddenly removed from our lives.

Whether or not we are conscious of it, we celebrate diversity every time we choose to enjoy what another culture chooses to share with us.

Jo Pamphile
President & CEO

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