Diversity-TECH Initiative

The Foundation has partnered with Fox Corporation to offer technology internships in media-related industries to diverse and underrepresented college students and young professionals through the Diversity-TECH program. With this initiative, the Foundation intends to increase the number of diverse students with STEM-related backgrounds who are hired in the media and entertainment industry.

“I’m excited that we’re launching this unique program. Students of color are truly underrepresented in the technology arena,” said Jo Pamphile. “This program will significantly impact this disparity by providing career opportunities for African-American, Latinx, Asian and Native American students.”

Diversity-TECH will begin accepting applications for internships in the fall. Subscribe to our mailing list below for updates.

The Diversity-TECH staff, whose offices are on the Fox studio lot in Los Angeles, conducts extensive outreach to stakeholders and diverse STEM students for internships that will add diversity to the many companies that exist at the intersection of entertainment and technology. A planned rotational program will expand the program to provide “path to hire” opportunities.

“As the charter sponsor of the initiative, Fox is proud to support the recruitment of diverse STEM students with a focus on technology,” said Mike Biard, President, Operations and Distribution, Fox Corporation and Vice Chair, THF Board of Directors.

A Diversity-TECH Advisory Committee has been created to assist in establishing overall governance of the program and how it operates and delivers the services to participating companies.