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The T. Howard Foundation provides comprehensive recruitment services including job postings, recruitment webinars, and networking events!

Our goal is to assist our partners in their efforts to identify, attract, and secure the best talent for their full-time hiring needs.

Since 2011, the total number of THF members hired into full-time positions has exceeded 1,200, with nearly 900 hired within the media and entertainment industry and over 300 hired in other industries including advertising, public relations, financial services, and technology.

THF members are currently working in positions ranging from entry level to management and executive roles in, but not limited to, the following areas: Creative, Digital Media, Distribution, Finance, Human Resources, Journalism, Marketing, Operations, Production, Programming, and Sales.

All THF candidates are effectively pre-screened before being added to the Foundation’s talent pool.

Post Full-Time Jobs | THF Board and Diversity Partner Companies

THF Partners (board, host, and Diversity Partner companies), submit your full-time positions at anytime using our online form.

  1. Submissions will be posted on the THF job board portal.
  2. Companies can choose to have THF candidates apply directly online or submit their resumes to THF who will review and submit resumes to the company for consideration.


Interested in sharing full-time positions with the THF Talent Pool?

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