M.E.N. Program

Mentor. Engage. Network.

The M.E.N. Program is an initiative of the T. Howard Foundation (THF) Internship Program, which offers networking panels, discussions, and webinars to impact male-identifying members of the THF Final Talent Pool.

The following statistics highlight the disparity in representation of male or other identifying* members in the THF Final Talent Pools. The percentages displayed belong to the 2021 Summer Intern Class and the 2022 Final Talent Pool, cohorts of 186 and 677 members, respectively:

  • ≈38% of the 2021 Summer Intern class identified as a male, non-binary, or transgender; and
  • ≈24% of the 2022 Final Talent Pool identify as a man, non-binary, or choose not to identify


The goals of the M.E.N. Program include:

  • Improve male recruitment, engagement, and internship employment.
  • Develop the network of male or other identifying THF Alumni, Interns, and Final Talent Pool members.
  • Discuss various topics, challenges, and experiences of males or other identities in media, entertainment, or tech.
  • Strengthen the pipeline to other THF Internship Programs for male or other identifying members.
  • Support Final Talent Pool members in identifying purpose and vision for their careers in media, entertainment, or tech.


The M.E.N. Program welcomes all voices of the THF Network. Students interested in the M.E.N. Program can be on the lookout for Poolside Sessions and orientation events in emails, or THF newsletters, that will be scheduled throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the M.E.N. Program, feel free to email Senior Program Coordinator, Jarí Watson at jwatson@t-howard.org.

*Available terminologies to be selected by Final Talent Pool members to identify their gender changed between 2021 and 2022. In 2021, available terminologies included Male, Female, Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming. For 2022, available terminologies include Man, Woman, Nonbinary, and Choose not to identify.

If you are a THF Alumni or Professional interested in the Mentorship Program, please sign up here.