Scott Weiss Scholarship

The Scott Weiss Scholarship, named for T. Howard Foundation Founder and Chairman Emeritus, provides THF alumni with financial assistance for their academic and career pursuits. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit as defined by the Foundation. It is intended to provide assistance with tuition, required textbooks and/or expenses related to career development, including conferences sponsored by professional organizations and/or professional development workshops that help prepare recipients for a career in the media and entertainment industry.

Scholarship awards are $2,500 each. The application is now open! Deadline is November 10, 2019.

Congratulations to last year’s Scott Weiss Scholarship recipients…learn more about them here!


Pay It Forward Scholarship

The Pay It Forward scholarship is a merit-based award for first-generation college students. The scholarship provides support to THF alumni with financial assistance for their academic and career pursuits in the media & entertainment, advertising, and tech industries.

This $2,500 scholarship is funded solely by THF alumni, family, and friends…we hope you will support this important scholarship today! Learn more here.

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Scholarship FAQs

Read the FAQs for more information on who is eligible to apply, the application process, when decisions are made, and much more.