Rich Goodman

Rich is determined to build opportunities for folks to create and share their own story. Greatly benefiting from supportive student affairs professionals while studying at Shepherd University, Rich is an advocate for invested mentorship, and has built a career in college administration since 2015.

Inspired by incredible women supporting him as a TRiO student at Shepherd, Rich eagerly joined the TRiO staff as a grad student to help other first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities. Rich began his post-graduate career building communities in residence life, and soon found his love for career advising and employer relations in 2019. Rich has since advised thousands of students and built relationships with hundreds of community partners to create impactful and equitable career opportunities.

Rich holds a B.A. in Psych, B.S. in Bio, M.A. in Teaching, and M.A. in College Student Development & Administration from Shepherd University in the beautiful town of Shepherdstown, WV. Rich is an unapologetic nerd, traveler, food lover, WV-enthusiast, and he’ll talk to you all day about all of the above.