Alumni Spotlight: Patrick Mosley

FINANCE – This spotlight series features T. Howard Foundation (THF) alumni working in Finance or Financial Services. Alumni working in roles traditionally associated with this industry as well as in marketing roles will be highlighted.

Patrick Mosley (THF ‘15)

Please describe your role.

My official title is Business Services Officer/Relationship Manager. My role is part loan officer part sales—all communication. I develop, approve, and service business loans for businesses and individual clients within limits of authority.

What do you enjoy most about your company?

I enjoy the BB&T Now Truist company culture most! When you study the rich history of Branch Banking &Trust (founded 1872 in Wilson, NC) and are able to observe the excellent level of client experience provided today in branches through our footprint you’re honored to be a member of such a phenomenal institution. I’m very fortunate to have been able to gain an inside look into several areas of our bank in my young career with BB&T Now Truist. No matter which branch you visit or the line of business you engage with the teammates of BB&T Now Truist are committed to providing an exceptional level of care and expertise to each and every customer; I’ve witnessed it. In addition, the executive leadership of Truist Financial Corporation is very engaged with each region and line of business of the bank. Being a member of this team reminds me of my Marine Corps service days—I’m in a “unit” where everyone comes prepared to do their best and performs with a common purpose in mind.

In what way did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?

One of my life goals is to do the most good I can for others. Contributing to a family’s economic expansion and financial security is certainly a means of achieving my goal. In pursuit of my goal I’ve been a state revenue auditor, a licensed insurance agent (financial planner in training), and now a banker. After working as an insurance agent I was accustomed to recommending customized solutions that secured the financial future for my clients. During that time I became interested in the lending side as a result from repeated inquires for financing sources from prospects and clients. Thereafter, I applied for multiple positions at every bank and credit union in Eastern North Carolina. I learned of BB&T’s Leadership Develop Program in 2018 through a relationship with a classmate from NCCU’s MBA Program. After consulting with her about the requirements and curriculum of the program—I made the decision to apply for the 2019 class. The door opened and as they say—Nothing Was the Same!

How has your affiliation with T. Howard Foundation influenced your career?

My T. Howard Foundation experience was my first encounter with the practice of being comfortable being uncomfortable. When properly applied, this practice serves me well in life and career.

Another lasting influence the affiliation has on my career is increased self-confidence; the realization that I can become the exact businessman I desire to be despite when and where I started from or the trials I may face ahead. I’ve had the opportunity to engage with so many others with a similar narrative and I learned first-hand that success can be obtained and that when I choose to strive I grant myself the opportunity to thrive. Through the T. Howard Foundation a mental message that was once “maybe I can” and sometimes “I can’t because [insert excuse]” … was transformed to an unyielding “I CAN”.

Lastly, I’ve witnessed my T. Howard Foundation classmates achieve amazing milestones since 2015; their varied successes inspire me to continue growing and setting new difficult challenges for myself as I pen chapters of my own manuscript that may inspire others one day.

What personal attributes have been essential to your career success?

  1. LOVE
  2. Gratitude
  3. Leadership
  4. Honesty
  5. Humor
  6. Hope
  7. Love of learning
  8. Kindness

If you were entering this career today, how would you prepare to facilitate entry?

  1. Be yourself—whatever makes you unique is an asset—own your story!
  2. Know what you know but be willing and eager to learn the rest—its ok to say you don’t know something
  3. Getting in is the easy part—staying in a desired space is where the true work lies; Effort, Activity, Listening Skills will take to a lot further than brilliance (in my opinion).
  4. Be a sponge—in the beginning of your career, learning from senior management will be valuable. Volunteer your time early and remain coachable
  5. Keep a positive attitude! It’s possible that you will not be hired for a role you believe you’re perfect for: the interview went great, you performed well on the assessment, and you felt a connection with the mangers who interviewed you. Don’t take any rejection personally. FIT MATTERS so much more than the salary or title. The opportunity that’s right for you will reveal itself—KEEP YOUR ACTIVITY UP and CONTINUE TO SMILE.
  6. Finance specifically, intern with the company for multiple years if possible or seek to be a candidate of their management training program.
  7. Through all of it never forget: LIFE IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS! Be a good person.

Do you perform your work in a cubicle, office or open workspace? Please describe what’s on your desk at this moment.

I perform my work in an office. I have on my desk: a Marine Corps paperweight (Eagle Globe & Anchor); a yellow duck—a significant symbol given to the LDP Class of 2019 for completing the BB&T Leadership Institute’s Leadership Series; a figurine of a wise owl— the inscription reads “EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT STARTS WITH THE DECISION TO TRY.”; a Rubik’s cube; and a desk fan.

Use one word to describe how you practice self-care.


How do you re-charge at work?

Essentially, I step away from my desk and stretch my legs but in doing this I may find myself conversing with a teammate in the commercial office suite or in the branch downstairs. Depending on the weather, I may take a short walk through Rittenhouse Square or around the block (you never know who you’re going to meet).