Alumni Spotlight: Winona Lo

TEGNA – Alumni Spotlights highlight the success of THF interns with TEGNA, a Platinum Diversity Partner and THF Board Company.

Winona Lo

1) Please share your internship title. 
Producer Intern

2) Please describe your duties & responsibilities.
I was in charge of pitching, writing, and formatting news stories for the morning shows at KFMB-TV. I also assisted different departments in their field and administrative work.



3) How did your role/department fit into TEGNA’s overall business objective/mission?
One of TEGNA‘s priorities is to adapt to current trends and provide the most relevant news to its audience. They are not afraid to break traditions and their value definitely reflects in their work. Every department I worked with at KFMB-TV was ecstatic about the news, and their collective effort surely placed them in the front-runner of local news. I cannot imagine just how innovative TEGNA is given that one branch can already develop itself so well.

4) What did you like most about interning with TEGNA?
Being able to explore various departments has been one of my highlights. My supervisor allowed me to venture beyond my role and learn about different positions within the company as well, and it helped me understand the interconnectedness of every department while helping me discover new interests.

5) What were the most challenging parts of your role and how did you overcome those challenges?
For me, the most challenging part was adjusting my internship from a virtual to an in-person setting. I had to quickly pick up certain skills for the additional applications I could utilize in the office, and I was able to overcome this by being proactive and always asking questions to enrich my knowledge.

6) What skills or talents (hard/soft) were most essential to be effective in your internship role?
Having great writing skills, being proactive, and being able to thrive under pressure are the most essential talents you should have in this role.

7) How has your internship experience impacted your career goals?
Interning with TEGNA allowed me to explore a field that was outside of my comfort zone, and I was proud that I took that leap of faith and joined the company this summer. While it was a great experience, it solidified my passion for filmmaking and strengthened my career goal of working in the entertainment industry. It helped me narrow down my future endeavors, which helped me put more focus on the goals I wanted to pursue.

8) What advice would you give to THF interns as they begin internships/careers in media?

Be clear about your expectations with your supervisor and mentor. Additionally, always be mindful of how the tasks and responsibilities you manage during your internship impact you as a worker and person.