Alumni Spotlight: Rahn Mayo

BEYOND MEDIA – Alumni Spotlights highlight the success of  THF Alumni in various industries including government, finance, talent acquisition and more.

Rahn (THF ’96) is Senior Program Manager for NORESCO, one of the largest energy service companies in the U.S.

Can you tell us about your position with NORESCO?

NORESCO designs and builds energy and infrastructure projects and partners with public sector entities to revitalize aging infrastructure,improve energy performance, and achieve cost savings though retrofits and other building and mechanical system renewal.

What are you major responsibilities and what does a typical day look like for you?

I spend time engaging public officials from administrative and executive and elected officials. I am responsible for developing business opportunities for the company and drive sales through public sector, customers,and opportunities to improve operational efficiencies for government agencies.

What do you like most about your role with NORESCO?

I like that our vertical markets are government entities in need of solutions for energy efficiency and cost savings. I’m pleased to be able to improve the quality of life and operational resilience for the public by helping government agencies save money and improve their service delivery.

What are the most rewarding and challenging parts of your role?

The most rewarding part of my role is helping members of the public sector (school systems, county government, city, and state government)entities achieve good stewardship of tax payer money.

One of the most challenging parts of my role is dealing with the bureaucracy that comes with public sector customers. The layers of the decision-making process for a government entity to make a purchasing decision can be difficult to navigate. I overcome this challenge with patience and my understanding of government processes, as a former Georgia State Representative.

What particular talents or skills are most essential to being effective in your role?

Being a good listener and being adaptable are essential skills.When you are able to adapt to your audience, understand nuances of situations you will add value to any discourse.

How has your affiliation with the T. Howard Foundation made an impact on your career?

I was inspired to run for office by one of my internships through THF. Satellite Broadcasting & Communication Association (SBCA) is a trade association that lobbies on behalf of the satellite industry. There were discussions around public policy so I spent a semester in their office and had an opportunity to meet lobbyists and hear conversations.

I understood from that experience that government played a significant role in satellite broadcast and industry as a whole. This inspired me to become interested in government and politics. I served 8 years (4 terms) in the Georgia House of Representatives.

What advice would you give to THF interns/other alumni as they being their careers? Particularly those interested in government affairs?

Understand that the road to success, the road to fulfillment, and destiny is a winding road. It may not always appear that the path you are traveling is in alignment with your ideals, values and greatest passion, but it is important to take the small things from every experience and use those things as a collection of wisdom and experience to grow and ultimately reach your best place of success and fulfillment.