Alumni Spotlight: Mohammad Abdul-Rahim

CONSULTING / PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – This spotlight series features T. Howard Foundation (THF) alumni working in consulting or professional services.

Mohammad “Moe” Abdul-Rahim (THF ‘14)

Pronouns: He/Him/His or They/Them/Theirs

Please describe your role.

Organizational consultant with expertise in Talent Strategy, Organizational Design, HR Transformation, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Workforce Analytics, and Change Management.

What do you enjoy most about your company?

Exposure to many organizations with varied levels of maturity across all industries. Many opportunities for learning and growth. Surrounded by intelligent colleagues who are driven and actively working to build an inclusive culture.

In what way did this type of work interest you and how did you get started?

I wasn’t ready to stop learning after graduating from college and I knew I wanted to work in an industry that was fast-paced and promoted continued learning and development. I also enjoy that the work is rooted in data & analytics but that the impact is very human. No day is the same at my job!

How has your affiliation with the T. Howard Foundation influenced your career?

Over time, my role at Mercer has transformed from a Compensation consultant (helping companies determine how much to pay their employees) to a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultant. My desire to support organizations with their DEI efforts stems from my affiliation with T. Howard Foundation and the incredible individuals I met and learned from, and the efforts they took to succeed in their careers as underrepresented minorities. Also, my internship with Paramount Pictures (through THF) taught me a lot about building a team and leading/motivating others, a skill which has been helpful throughout my career.

What personal attributes have been essential to your career success?

1) Continuous learning and development (and un-learning certain behaviors) – you can never stop growing; 2) speaking my truth and bringing my whole self to work; 3) adapting to other’s working styles; 4) effective communication; 5) active listening

If you were entering this career today, how would you prepare to facilitate entry?

You can learn a lot of the skills on the job, but time management, effective communication, data analysis, and project management are key to success.

Use one word to describe how you practice self-care.

I-ask-for-flexibility – Twice a week, I’ve asked my colleagues to shift my workday a little later (12-8 instead of 9-5) so I can use my morning for yoga in the park.

Are you extroverted or introverted? How does this show up in your professional life?

I grew up introverted, but learned to become extroverted through my coming out process and as I learned to integrate into American society as an immigrant.

Do you have any of the following at work? a mentor, mentee, sponsor, work BF or work spouse? If so, which one(s)? What are the advantages of having these relationships?

I rely a lot on my mentors and colleagues to gather feedback on my professional goals and decisions. Everyone experiences life and work differently – hearing other’s perspectives has helped me make more informed decisions that are forward-thinking rather than being short-sighted.