Alumni Spotlight: Angelica Prince

LAW – This spotlight series features T. Howard Foundation (THF) alumni working in Law.


Angelica Prince (THF ’19)
NDA Attorney


What do you enjoy most about your company? I enjoy a lot of features, including the opportunity to challenge myself in such a fast-paced working environment and the opportunity to grow and develop as a skilled attorney by drafting and negotiating agreements.


In what way did this type of work interest you and how did you get started? I was always interested in transactional work so I knew that I would always work with agreements/contracts. I got started by interning at various jobs that were transactional in nature and began building my transactional skills from there.

Has your career path been linear or non-linear?
Most definitely non-linear. I do not consider my journey to be the typical “attorney” path. My first “law-related” job was as a governmental affairs intern with Charter Communications, I interned at Sony Music Entertainment as an Archives Intern which had nothing to do with law, I worked as a virtual law clerk for the ARS IP Law Firm. Then I worked as a contract administrator for a company that provides strategic fundraising, enrollment management services, and software to higher education institutions. Now, I am an Attorney working for a Corporate Practice Group at one of the largest firms in New York. As you can see, there is nothing linear about my career path but the beauty behind this is that I was able to take so many skills and experiences from each of my roles and apply it to the next opportunity and I am forever grateful for my non-linear journey.


How has your affiliation with the T. Howard Foundation influenced your career? T. Howard Foundation gave me my first “law-related” job when I was in my first year of law school. I had the opportunity to intern at Charter Communications as a governmental affairs intern working with Alana Cantillo, Rodney Capel and Camille Joseph in New York City. It was my first time in New York, and I absolutely loved the hustle and environment. I attended so many entertainment related events and got to network and connect with several individuals in the industry. I even met my amazing mentor, Alyssa Reid during that time in New York. This whole experience influenced my decision to move to New York, take the bar, and work as an attorney in New York. With the T. Howard Foundation, I was able to meet and gain great connections that essentially helped influence my career.


What personal attributes have been essential to your career success? Some personal attributes that have been essential to my career success would have to be determination, self-motivation, willingness to learn, and creativity.


Are you extroverted or introverted? How does this show up in your professional life and how has this trait benefited you professionally? I am a mixture of both. When I am in a new professional environment, I am an introvert because I want to observe and take note of the working culture. Once I am comfortable, I can be an extrovert. This trait is beneficial for me professionally because it allows me to adapt and adjust to the work culture accordingly.


Angelica’s Piece of Advice: What is for you will be for you! Do not try to follow anyone’s path but your own. Everyone has a different journey and just because your journey is not similar or reflects someone else’s journey does not mean you will not be successful. I never imagined myself to be where I am, but I am here and I have so much more to accomplish. I would also recommend finding a trusting mentor to help guide you because the path of law can get very conflicting and confusing and having someone you can trust that helps guide you will be very helpful.