Jarí Watson

A graduate of Cornell University’s Interdisciplinary Studies program, Jarí Watson explored several colleges to unlock the entrepreneurial spirit and organizational potential of under-served, under-utilized, and under-sourced groups. He is excited to bring his talents and awareness to the team at the T. Howard Foundation as Senior Coordinator, Internship Program.

As a coordinator of summer college programs, assistant to university directors, manager of residential buildings, and leader of multiple community-centered organizations, Jarí developed his passion for community enrichment.

He is happy to advance his passion – servicing the initiatives of the T. Howard Foundation, and seeks to help realize the aspirations of interns, and empower the passions of his colleagues in the process.

The T. Howard Foundation signals an important step in creating unity and fair representation, in addition to the improvement of diversity in media and entertainment. Jarí is honored to serve, improve, and represent.