THF Staff

Jo Pamphile, President & CEO

Jo combined her undergraduate major in psychology and minor in business to earn a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology & Development from Columbia University. Her career objective was to help non-profit, youth-serving organizations fulfill their missions. When asked what her ideal job would be, Jo said working for a foundation.

She ultimately found that ideal job at the T. Howard Foundation where she is President & CEO. She brought her special event fundraising knowledge, program development experience, organizational and leadership skills and love of young people to the Foundation.

Along with a committed Board of Directors and a dedicated team, Jo has been able to develop a mission-driven organization that raises nearly $1.5 million per year to provide paid internships, professional development, career opportunities and an alumni network to hundreds of minority college students eager to enter the world of media and entertainment.

She believes that the Foundation’s success is measured by the students and alumni who are achieving their career goals as a result of their relationship with THF and its partner companies. 

LaShika Howard, Senior Manager, Career and Alumni Services

With a deep understanding of the skills and experiences required to succeed in today’s workforce, LaShika is committed to equipping young professionals with key tools and resources.

LaShika holds a Master’s in Human Resources and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She’s spent most of her career helping professionals evaluate and achieve their career aspirations, as well as helping business leaders attract and secure the best talent for their hiring needs.

LaShika joined THF as a certified HR professional with more than 14 years of expertise in executive recruitment, talent pipeline development and building relationships with senior leaders. She has been instrumental in expanding the alumni network, increasing the number of full-time hires in the media industry and developing and managing three new initiatives. 

Maire Hunter, Administrative Coordinator

After interning with non-profit groups rebuilding communities post-Hurricane Katrina, Maire discovered the exceptional value of on-the-job lessons learned during an internship. She then worked full-time in the hospitality industry before joining THF in 2014.  

Maire supports the Foundation’s administrative operations and assists Career & Alumni Services, including the Talent Development Program. Her involvement in multiple functions at the Foundation has shown her firsthand the impact THF has on both young professionals and the media industry.

Maire completed a semester with the National Outdoor Leadership School before receiving her Bachelor’s degree from McDaniel College.

Brynton Lett, Interim Program Manager, Internship Program

Brynton joined the T. Howard Foundation after serving several years as a professional in higher education and student affairs. As the Internship Program's Associate Manager, he seeks to further develop the educational partnerships between the Foundation and colleges and universities.

Brynton brings his passion for social justice, student development and inclusivity to the Foundation. This commitment was demonstrated at Georgetown University and Longwood University, where he worked with students on their personal and professional enrichment.

An alumnus of the University of Georgia, Brynton earned his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and went on to receive his Master’s degree in College Counseling from Longwood University. He is excited to bring his experience in leadership development, corporate management and recruitment to THF, where he hopes to continue to positively impact the lives of students in their professional growth.

Nina Maudlin-Jeronimo, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator

Nina’s passion and commitment to helping others succeed led her to work with non-profits in multiple capacities: recruiting international students for a cultural exchange program at International Arts & Artists, providing administrative support at a preschool and marketing the value of nonprofits to others.

She enjoys combining her recruitment and marketing skills at THF, where she recruits students and assists with social media e-recruitment activities.

Nina received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington, where she was also a varsity swimmer and team captain.

Ada Rodriguez, Program Coordinator, Career and Alumni Services

Ada joined the T. Howard Foundation in August 2016. She supports all career and alumni services, activities and events, including planning and implementing projects.
She previously served at a college and a non-profit organization in data-driven initiatives focused on easing high school to college transitions. She has a demonstrated commitment to providing essential tools and resources to help students and young professionals grow their capabilities.
Ada  graduated from Notre Dame of Maryland University, a women’s college in Baltimore, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. 

Shakira Smiler, Associate Manager, Special Programs

Shakira has spent the past ten years as somewhat of a “missionary of careers,” helping people find and pursue their professional passion. Her own passion for collegiate affairs and diversity stems from her experiences in her hometown of Detroit and at the University of Michigan. Her many undergraduate leadership roles introduced her to issues of social justice and provided her with insight and skills that she applies to her work today.

After earning her Master’s degree in College Student Affairs Administration from the University of Georgia, Shakira continued her “missionary” work by joining the T. Howard Foundation team.

Each year, Shakira energetically presents Internship Program information at colleges and universities throughout the country. She also reviews applications, interviews and coaches prospective candidates, finds internship opportunities for them at THF’s partner companies and helps students navigate through their internships. 

Edina Varsa, Senior Administrator

Always one who looks at the bigger picture to understand how office systems and departments affect one another, Edina also focuses on the details to help ensure smooth running Foundation operations. With early experience in the for-profit world, Edina happened into the non-profit sector and has not looked back.

In her role at THF, Edina supports the Foundation’s president & CEO in media industry outreach efforts, the annual Diversity Awards Dinner and Board of Directors matters.

Her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Maryland underscores her commitment to people. Edina is thrilled to work for an organization whose staff and participants are as passionate about the mission as she is.