Talent Development Program


The T. Howard Foundation's Talent Development Program is dedicated to improving the participation of underrepresented groups across various industries, including media and entertainment. This is accomplished by providing resources and support to young professionals and recent college graduates to help ensure that they are better prepared and qualified for employment, training, and advancement (promotion) opportunities. We accept members pursuing all industries and disciplines in accordance with the eligibility requirements.

The Talent Development Program (TDP) provides valuable guidance, resources and services to its members as they prepare for full-time career opportunities, across multiple disciplines and industries. Also, with one-on-one coaching, TDP members learn to craft job search strategies that are in line with their career goals and capitalize on their strengths. 

Are you preparing for your first, post-graduate career opportunity or interested in preparing for career advancement? Here are the top three reasons why the Talent Development Program (TDP) is for you:

    1.  You've made a serious commitment to your job search, network development, interview
         preparation and future employment
    2.  You're
interested in establishing your career, making a career switch or preparing for
         career advancement

    3.  You'd like a resource that can keep you posted on full-time opportunities, networking
         events and other career-related tips and resources across multiple industries


Professionals, regardless of their interests, discipline, or area of expertise, require a wide array of skills in order to be successful. These skills range from basic professionalism and networking to career management. The TDP provides a variety of training and networking opportunities to assist members with developing these critical attributes and increasing their potential. 

Annual membership includes access to:

    -  Career Coaching: Develop and implement your job search, professional development,
       and career advancement strategies.
    -  Cover Letter and Resume Development: Improve the impact of your resume: highlight
       your knowledge, skills, abilities, and success to capture the prospective employer’s
    -  Webinars (Professional Development): Enhance essential skills that are critical to your
       career success and advancement.
    -  Networking Events: Broaden your network by connecting with THF alumni, partners
       and supporters, as well as other TDP members.
    -  Newsletter and Online Resource Portal: Stay in the know about growing trends,
       additional resources, job postings and events
    -  Job Board: Gain access to exclusive job board opportunities and increased visibility
       with THF partner companies.

Prospective TDP Members must have:

    - Have a bachelor’s degree (from an accredited 4-year college or university) or be currently
      enrolled at an accredited college or university with an upcoming fall or winter graduation
    - Have at least one year of professional work experience; previous internship experience is
    - Be able to work full-time (Note: To be considered for full-time employment opportunities
      you must be within 90 days of your graduation date.)

    - Be a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident

All THF Internship Program alumni and Final Talent Pool (FTP) members who meet the above qualifications are eligible.

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For more information, please contact LaShika Howard, Senior Manager, Career and Alumni Services.