Mentor Program


The T. Howard Foundation welcomes a new class of diverse college students to its Internship Program each summer, as well as fall and spring.

A unique benefit for students participating in the Internship Program is being paired with mentors who share their career interests and goals.

Mentor Eligibility

Mentors must have at least two years of full-time, post-undergraduate work. Internship experience is not counted toward the two years of professional work experience.

While previous full-time work experience in the media and entertainment industry is preferred, it is not necessary for mentors to be currently employed in the industry.

Mentor Commitment

Summer T. Howard Foundation mentors must be available to their assigned mentee(s) from June through August. Mentors commit to:

--Connect with their mentee(s) ar least twice per month

--Meet with their mentee(s) in person at least one time during the internship period if both parties are located in the same city

--Participate in an informational interview conducted by their mentee(s).

If you're interested in becoming a THF mentor, please contact Shakira Smiler, Assistant Manager, Internship Program.